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Tampa Area Airports

St. Petersburg - Clearwater International Airport

14700 Terminal Boulevard, Suite 221
Clearwater, FL
Located 9.92 miles from Palm Pavilion Inn

St. Petersburg- Clearwater International Airport

The Airport is located on the west shoreline of Tampa Bay north of St. Petersburg, the birthplace of commercial air transportation. Barely a decade after the Wright brothers' pioneer flight at Kitty Hawk, the first ticket for air travel was sold by the St. Petersburg-Tampa Airboat Line to a fare-paying passenger. This historic event on January 1, 1914, marked the beginning of commercial air transportation anywhere in the world and is commemorated by a plaque at St. Petersburg- Clearwater International Airport's terminal building. A replica of the Benoist amphibious airplane flown on the inaugural flight is displayed at the St. Petersburg Municipal Pier
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