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Tampa restaurants

Bern's Steakhouse

1208 S Howard Avenue
Tampa, FL
Located 21.34 miles from Palm Pavilion Inn

Bern's Steakhouse

Bern's Steakhouse is consistently ranked one of the nation's top ten steak restaurants thanks to exceptional aged beef, 10,000 bottle wine list (the nation's largest), dessert room, kitchen tours and vintage interior. Bern's custom-built, 30-foot hardwood burning charcoal grill holds up to 200 steaks at once and our grill masters each have more than twenty years experience. In the kitchen, Bern's aged-to-perfection beef is custom cut to order for each guest. Steaks are cut, trimmed and weighed to order using three to four pounds of raw beef for every finished one pound steak that is served. Simply put, Bern's is the pinnacle of fine dining in Tampa.  Sit in a baroque atmosphere and enjoy the eatery's famed steaks.


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